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“ARMAÇÃO DE ATUM (Tuna Set Net Fishery)” is a culture. It was a great marine culture in Algarve, the south side of Portugal.

Involving not only fishermen and their families, but also people in the local area, civilservants, etc.. They made a village on the beach which was called “Arraial” and stayed there during the fishing period of about six months. It was a huge migration from the town.
It started before the Age of Discovery and had glorious pages of history of more than 400 years. However, it came to an end suddenly at the beginning of 1970’s.

In 1991, a project to reconstruct “ARMAÇÃO DE ATUM” started with strong collaborations of INIP (Institute Nacional de Investigação das Pescas), the local people and so on. Instead of the lost technology and human resources, the latest know-how from Japan which is the most advanced country of Set Net Fishery is introduced. We have started the operation in 1994, and until today, we keep on creating a new culture of Set Net fishery in Algarve.